Have you upgraded yourself?
Written by Hannah Priore
One thing I love is that I choose to not keep the same set of beliefs.
I am constantly growing every day.

Remember to consciously create. You can choose what route you want to take and you don't need to define your life based upon a specific set of beliefs that will box you in.

I had this realization at one point in my life that I was pissed off that I had to be in this matrix and at that time, I was unaware I was sending that signal out to the Universe without even realizing it.

Here is a little rundown:

The spiritual world is vibratory particles of light and when we leave this world we will in fact realize that all we ever were was particles of light. So what happens is the matrix is pretty much a supercomputer and our spirit which is the particle of light plugs in to the matrix and then we have this three-dimensional reality that we are in and we are in this illusion of it.

It's an interactive game so we now are interacting with individualized consciousness's within different universes overlapped.

So the guy or the woman next to me is in a completely different universe and experience.

 Now when I start interacting with another person as an example, their universe and my universe is now correlating together making the light look as if we are in the same universe.

It looks as if we are in the same universe but we are not. 

Another powerful 'awareness moment' I had was that when a person decides that they want to go against the matrix, that's when things get tricky.

This is the virtual reality that we have been put inside since birth. So it is in our best interest instead of going against the matrix to learn the tactics and the rules of this game instead of getting pissed off that we are inside the matrix.

It is for our best interest to learn the rules of this game so that we don't set ourselves up for a hard journey.

We can choose to have a wonderful, beautiful experience.

One of the rules of this game is that 
people will continue repeating the same lessons until they have learned the lesson and to learn how to overcome them. 

Instead, a lot of people feel powerless and they are victims inside this game.

On the contrary, you are co-creating this experience inside this virtual reality and it starts to get kind of interesting when a person starts to watch TV and play video games because then you are actually in a virtual reality within another virtual reality within another virtual reality.

Oh wow I kind of got tongue-tied with that haha.

It's true tho...you're in a reality within a reality within a reality within a reality so it's all piled on to each other so sometimes a person can get so deep inside realities that they can't even decipher which reality they're in. 

You don't need to base your life upon other people's terms that have been set up. As an example,  you don't have to base your life off of what someone told you is true because that might be true inside of their own world but remember that you are creating each second and you have the ability to define your own path.

Remember to be aware & Remember Who You Are!
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