How The Law of Attraction Really Works
Written by Hannah Priore
How does the law of attraction
really work? Well, we've all seen 'The Secret', and
we most likely have seen 'What The Bleep
Do We Know'... if not, you definitely want to
check out that movie, but here's the deal.
A lot of people, after they saw 'The
Secret', they were like oh my god...
I want to do it and I'm gonna get whatever
I want, so I am going to stay thinking and so what they
did is they tried to feel good and when
their desires didn't show up, they gave up and
they were like okay you know what this
doesn't work...

Your thoughts and your body
which is where your feelings are, allow
you to speak to the quantum field which
then gives you access to allow the law
of attraction to work for you so here's
the deal, a lot of times what you find is
a lot of people will be thinking and
they'll be like, I want to manifest,
I want to manifest a great relationship
whatever you want to manifest, just fill in the blank.

I want to manifest such-and-such...
 I really want to manifest it
inside my mind...but here's what
happens inside their body...they don't
feel good about their current
circumstances so you're seeing a
disconnect. You're seeing your thoughts
like okay I'm choosing to manifest this great
reality but your body which is where
your feelings are, is not feeling the
the same way so you're sending out a mixed signal.

You have to first have the discipline to get yourself to
understand how you become in alignment
with what you're looking to manifest so
when you're meditating, you should leave your
meditation feeling like a brand-new
person cuz if you leave your meditation
still feeling like the same person when
you first sat down then the
manifestation process didn't fully realize itself.

Everything's a learning process so don't feel bad,
just realize it's a learning process and we are
at different processes in our life...
nobody is better than another, it's just
we all learn at different paces so just
give yourself credit for at least doing
it and for continuing to live out your own life process.

The goal here guys is to get your
thoughts and your feelings in alignment
with one another because if your
feelings are saying one thing and then
your thoughts are saying something else
you're not speaking to the field the way
that it hears so you need to learn how
to speak to the field and you have to
get your feelings your body your thoughts your minds on
the same wavelength so you can speak to
that quantum field to manifest your reality.

I had made more of an extensive video on this but I thought this
summarized version would be more than okay. :)

As a tip for daily life: When you wake up in the morning, remember that you are in a
new life and things don't have to be the same everyday.


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