The Truth About Your Inner Turmoil
Written by Hannah Priore
First things first. Realize that you
are having 50,000 thoughts per day and
40,000 of those thoughts are negative so
it's already setting you up for failure.

Whatever you're
experiencing right now it might feel
like it's all your fault and here's the
thing. I do not want you to stay in a
victim state but at the same time I want
you to understand that I understand how
you feel and I understand that you might
think that dying is the way to go, but
you must view this world as a game that
is set up and you are being watched 24/7 365.

If you view it that way because that's
really what's going on in the spiritual
realm, you're just not able to physically
see it, but if you realize that then you would
slowly realize that this world  is set up to see
if you're going to pass the test, even if you feel like nobody
believes in you and you don't have any
friends or family to go to, realize that
even if you don't know me, I believe in you. 

Now that's one person in the world that
believes in you even if you feel like nobody
else gives a crap about you I care about you and even
if you feel like, 'well she doesn't even know me'...
Even if we don't know each other yet, please
realize that what you're facing and what you're feeling,
there are thousands and thousands of people that are feeling
the exact same way that you're feeling.

You might think you are alone in feeling how you feel.
You are not. Even people on social media who look like they
have it all figured out and that their lives are perfect.
A lot of people are experiencing identical thoughts that you are having.
The only difference is that they choose to let it go or they have learned
how to not listen to those thoughts and tools to overcome them.

I want you to understand that you are powerful and
you will get through the turmoil that you are currently feeling.
I know it's really annoying when people tell you that you're not alone.
I want you to understand and try to realize that you are powerful
than you can possibly fathom at this exact moment.
The fact that you are reading this is proof and you are at the right
place at the right time. This is no mistake that you have been led to read this.

Please understand that your brain has already set you up for failure
by having 40,000+ negative thoughts a day.
I'm not a physician and not a doctor, but I will tell you this is.
I understand that there are tests to pass in this world and when you
pass the test of overcoming destructive thoughts about your life, you are
going to feel so powerful that is going to blow your mind that you surpassed these
circumstances in your life at this moment. What you are feeling will pass.
Don't give up now. You've come to far to give up now.
This too shall pass.

You cannot have the light without the dark. Both are equally important.
Everything that has occurred in your life has led you up to this point
where you are supposed to be right now.

It is important to dive deep into your darkness because that is where your answers are.
When you become one with your dark side, you realize that your light side is much more powerful as well.

It does not do us any good to bottle up our dark emotions inside. Instead RESPECT them.
The next time pain, hate, sorrow, or whichever emotion shows up in your life,
tell it that you respect it. It wants to be respected and not ignored. Tell it that you honor its power.

When it recognizes that you are starting to honor it, kaboom. That is when you will start integrating
and learn the lessons that you have came here to learn so you can move up the ladder in your life.

Remember Who You Are.

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