How To Heal Your Children 
Written by Hannah Priore
Before a baby is born, while they're in the womb of their mother,
they are picking up data from their environment 
even while they're in the womb.

Now once the baby is born up until 7 years old, that child is in a
hypnotic state. Okay so let's break this down step by
step so we can know precisely how to go about figuring 
out what's happening within a child.

So what happens is when a baby is growing up
they are literally a receiver, so they are literally picking up every single
piece of data inside of their environment. Now for example,
if the parent in front of them is yelling at the dad 
saying that he is never home and he is always working hard and
she can't stand him, then the baby is literally picking up
all that data inside of there subconscious mind and
it is programming the baby on how to view the world.

So that child is not choosing a life of there own.
The parents and the environment is programming the
child on how to live, react, and respond to the world.
That's why up until the age of 7 years old is such a
crucial defining point in a child's life, seriously. 
Every single piece of information that that child hears is
literally now stuck inside their brain and they will play out that 
information when they get older based upon the
information that was received and internalized 
inside the files within their brain.

 I'm gonna get into how this can be corrected 
but I want to explain this aspect. 
If you've ever been to a hypnosis show you will find
that a person will probably go up on
stage because the person that will
hypnotize them will call them on stage
at the hypnosis event. Then if the person is receptive,
the hypnotist will literally take their conscious mind
out of the driver's seat and the person that is being 
hypnotized is literally doing everything that 
the person that is hypnotizing them is
programming them to do. Why does that happen?
Because the conscious mind is no longer in control. 
The subconscious mind takes the driver's seat and it literally does
everything that the person is hypnotizing them 
tells them to do. 

I shared that with you because that is the 
same way that a child is being programmed. 
The child is not able think & choose for themselves, yet they are 
in a constant hypnotizing state where they are being trained and 
programmed to do everything that they are seeing and
hearing within their external environment and 
they are internalizing that information. 
That is why it is crucial to protect them with the information that they 
are receiving especially up until the age of 7 years old.

Now if the child is already 7 years old you might be wondering at this point, 
okay what am I gonna do now because my child is already 7 years
old. That's fine you can still correct it. You can literally rewire the circuits
that are inside their brain right now by replacing it with a different statement
and by showing and telling them the opposite of what it was,
rather than what they were used to hearing. So for instance, if the child was
used to hearing money is hard to come by and you realize as a parent that you
kept saying that around them or if you constantly felt like you were arguing
with your significant other in front of your baby, you can correct it by doing
the opposite. So instead, what you can do is you can show forth love with your
significant other in front of your child so that the child can reprogram those
circuits that were already formed in their brain and they can
create new circuits and new neural pathways in their brain.

So as a parent you are empowering your child with new
bits of information sent to their brain so that they can
create new neural pathways. So it's never too late!
You can always correct it if you choose to because you have to understand kids
are the future and whatever they are being programmed, that is how they are
going to grow up seeing the world through those lenses.
That child is seeing the world through the lenses of that particular
road of information that is now stored inside the files of their brain.
However, new circuits can be programmed and installed in their brain
based upon how you choose to act and if you choose to do that
repetitively that child can now learn new information so instead of them just
focusing on that one road they can now have multiple healthy options
for their lives to go down several different roads with opportunities.

Children are the future and children are so powerful
before they come into this world, they are literally completely flawless 
upon entering this earth. Then, because of the information that people
in this world are programmed to believe themselves, then they pass
that old information down to that new perfect brain and they then program their
beliefs on that baby which had a completely perfect brain beforehand of no BS
information.It's like the generation to generation to generation is installing the same
patterns because nobody in the family is choosing to switch the circuits that
were installed in that generation. So you can choose to be the one today to stop
the cycle for your lineage. You can choose to set your kid up for
success by programming them for success based upon what you show & tell them.

Sometimes I feel like kids should be the ones teaching adults. 
They are so smart and a lot of people act like kids are not smart, 
when infact they are. Kids are so innocent by nature.
One thing I would like to close with is I've been told by a
few different people that heard what I had to say about this
subject and they told me "Well actually Hannah
that's doing injustice to the child because then you're setting your kid up
to be a little wimp because you're not teaching them
what they should learn so that they can
be a hard-ass growing up in this cold world."
My response was, "I understand your perspective
however you assume that a kid cannot function properly in this world
if they're not programmed to be like the rest of most people, 
which is not true." 

Here's the thing if you program your kid for success, it's not guaranteed that
they're not going to face hardships because everybody in this life faces
hardships, however they will have the right software in their brain to get
them point A to point B in the healthiest way possible so that they do not
have to deal with destructive patterns. They can be so powerful. 
Give them the chance to be.

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